Friday, April 25, 2008

Not just a pretty face......'s a really nice desk lamp too. I finally got my lamp. Kudos to Bellacor, where I ordered it Tuesday and received it today, with free shipping and the lowest price I found. I even like the brushed nickel finish. Whew, that's over!

On other fronts, I haven't stitched a stitch this week because I have been planting flowers. My hanging baskets are filled with purple scaevola and the flower bed around the birdbath, a mixture of perennials and annuals, is complete. No pictures yet because the annuals are those 4" tall plants from the six-packs and will need a few weeks to look like anything. When they're blooming, I promise I will post a photo. I have tomatoes and bell peppers in pots because I don't have a garden plot anymore, but we have done this for several years and the plants do fine. Two large (large! about 30" diameter) pots will grow all the tomatoes and peppers the two of us need, with plenty to make tomato sauce for the freezer.

The large pots flanking my driveway were planted with the most beautiful coral-y orange new guinea impatiens with varigated foliage. These are shaded most of the day, and it was difficult to find something that was large and bright and showy, but didn't need sun.

My azaleas are fading, but the blooms were outstanding this year. The dogwoods didn't bloom as much as usual, but last summer was very dry and they were stressed. A little TLC and extra watering this year, and they'll do fine.

My back yard makes me happy when I look outside from my office. The white rose bush is covered with buds and will burst forth soon with the loveliest old-fashioned roses. There are hanging pots of lavender African Daisies on the trellis beside the maple tree. Once the white dogwood and hot pink azaleas fade, the color scheme in the back yard becomes blue, purple, orange and yellow, one of my favorites. I'm not much for red and pink flowers, but I love yellow. It also goes nicely with my brown-y tan brick house with blue shutters.

It's been a lot of work getting here, but my yard is ready for summer.

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jacquie said...

Yeah! Let there be light! Your yard must be just gorgeous!