Friday, April 11, 2008

My little visitor

Look who came to visit today. He's just a baby. He wasn't even leery of people; I got within three feet of him, crouched down and took this picture. It doesn't convey just how tiny he is. I don't think he was more than 3 1/2" from the ground to the top of his ears. I had to crop out half of the picture taken with full zoom to get this image.

He may have been small but he wasn't stupid: he didn't get more than 6 or 8 feet from his burrow, and when he moved around he stayed hunkered down, as if he was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I didn't see Mama anywhere but he's probably too small to be on his own. This might be his first foray into the big wide world. Soon, he'll be raiding my bird feeders and living under my heat pump. Oh, they grow up so fast!


jacquie said...

He's a chipmunk right? Maybe it's Theodore, or Simon, or even ALVIN!

Marla said...

Ya but I too love the critters in my yard. Even if they do reek havoc.