Thursday, March 27, 2008

Scrabble-holics, take note

OK, all you Scrabble-addicted people (and I know you're out there), check out Yahoo games for their downloadable Scrabble computer version. It's $19.99 and worth every penny. It has multiple skill levels and a built-in official Scrabble dictionary, and it's great. I've been looking for a computer Scrabble game for ages, so I pounced on the free trial to try it out. After the free hour of testing I was hooked and gladly forked over the money for the full game. And, don't worry if your computer crashes. It keeps a registry so if you lose your hard drive or it gets corrupted, you can download it again.

I am SO hooked on this it isn't funny. Even if the official Scrabble dictionary says "qi" and "aa" are words and I don't believe them! (Doesn't mean I don't use them - hey, "qi" can get you 11 points, minimum!)

Not affiliated with Yahoo, Yahoo games, or any development groups, yada yada yada!

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QuiltingFitzy said...

I hear ya! I'm totally a Literati addict, Yahoo's free version of Scrabble. Then of course, there's Scrabulous, Facebook's version. I always have at least one game in progress with my bff, 3000 miles away.