Monday, March 24, 2008

Impatience and overload

Finally, I found the tan fabric for Debbie Mumm's Christmas wall hanging BOM and finished the February and March blocks. Between the Hearts A Flutter, Christmas Wishes and Somewhere in Time BOMs, I have discovered an essential fact about my character. I'm WAY too impatient to do BOMs! I sew up one little block and am raring to go, but no instructions for the rest! It's going to make me a little crazy. Not to mention trying to store all these WIPs. The bottom drawer of my bookcase is completely full.

Part of the problem is that I'm doing two BOMs in duplicate. Hearts A Flutter in pink and green 30's fabrics for my guest room and in pink and brown Civil War Repro for a gift wall hanging for Christmas; Somewhere in Time in the tan/gray fabrics as a lap quilt for me and in blue/rust/green in full size, probably to be a gift also. Thankfully, I'm only doing one of Christmas Wishes!

What I really need to work on is the tea cup swap blocks. I took the Hearts A Flutter blocks home with me and completed two while I was there, instead of the tea cup blocks. So now I have eight weeks to complete the twelve blocks and send them off to swap.

Until I complete the swap blocks, my diamond log cabin will have to wait. It's for me, so there's no timetable, but I can hear it calling to me from the drawer. I've never done a log cabin construction in anything other than square blocks, and it's intriguing.

Oh, yes, there are three Linus quilts to finish. One is pinned and ready to quilt. And there's that baby quilt for the friend due in August. I think I need a spreadsheet to track all of this!


Jacquie said...

Wow...and I thought I had a bunch of projects. I kind of agree about the BOM thing. I've never done one because of just that patience. By the way..did you make all the linus quilts in the slideshow on your sidebar?

The Calico Quilter said...

Yes, those are my Linus quilts. I have six in the slide show and need to add another completed one. I'll just wait til the three in process get finished and do a photog day.

Joan said...

I've not seen a diamond log cabin before! Any chance you have a link or pattern maker on that one? I'd love to see it!