Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Am I going nuts?

OK, you know those round plastic quilt clamps that look like a hoop with a split in it? That you use to hold the rolled-up part of the quilt that you're not working on? Mine are purple plastic and I have a large and a small set of four each size. I was using the small ones this morning, working on a Linus quilt. I had four this morning, I have TWO this evening.

I have no idea where the other two went. I have crawled around the den, looking under furniture, I have checked all around the kitchen where I was sewing, I even looked under the refrigerator, for goodness sake. Sometime around mid-afternoon, I started safety pinning the rolled up side, because the clamps were slipping. I spread the quilt out on the den floor, took the clamps off, rolled and pinned the quilt, and took everything back into the kitchen. And this evening when I cleaned up the mess, there were only two clamps lying on the countertop.

This is absolutely making me crazy. The cat doesn't look guilty, and my husband swears he isn't gaslighting me. Where the **** did those clamps go? I don't believe the cat was playing with them. She spent the day on the chair beside me, napping and watching me wrestle the quilt in the sewing machine. The only thing in the sewing process that interests her is trying to eat thread.

I could have possibly carried them out of the kitchen but why would I? I looked around the house, anyway. No clamps.
OK, I actually stopped in the middle of this post and started looking again. It was seriously freaking me out that I couldn't find the clamps. Besides it being creepy, I need them.

So, I get the flashlight and start looking under the refrigerator, in the corner of the room under the table, around the toe-kick of the base cabinets, behind the canisters on the countertop, and then, for some reason, I pick up my Emerson antique reproduction table radio that sits on the end of the counter and look under it. And there, under the radio, are the clamps.

Either I am cracking up, or the best poker face in the house is furry. She must have pushed them under the radio when I wasn't looking.


Joan J said...

LOL! Too funny! Cats are very strange secretive creatures, so I'm sure your kitty will never tell! My husband rolls up balls of alum. foil for Joey, the killer cat. Yesterday I needed something out of my purse, which hangs on the door in the kitchen, and what do I find at the bottom of my purse? Three alum. foil balls! How on earth?!? Joey will never tell!

Elaine Adair said...

That rascal!!!