Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ugly duckling

Maybe this should have stayed a UFO. I cut it out several weeks ago but was not happy with the concept. Since it would have been a waste of good fabric to ditch it, and since the bunny rabbit border/backing is so cute, I decided to finish sewing the blocks together, and let it be whatever it turned out to be.

Last night, I took the stack of blocks to the guest bed and started laying them out in rows. I tried X's and O's, chevrons, random, but the way that looked the best was this diagonal line that reminds me of pulling ribbon through the holes of eyelet (OK, maybe you had to be a child of the 1950's to remember having dresses with eyelet and ribbon trim - I admit that I haven't seen much eyelet on girls' clothes nowadays). All the colors come from the bunny fabric. The pop of color is good, but I freely admit it's not beautiful.

I hope when it's all quilted and done, a child will like it for its bright colors and bunnies. It seemed to get the kitty-cat seal of approval.

ADDENDUM: That border's coming off! It's far too cute to waste on this mess. I'm going to make a new quilt and use the bunny border and backing, and see what oh what I can do with the rest of it. Maybe a pieced border with a lot of the light color to tone it down. Otherwise, the poor recipient will need sunglasses.

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Paula, the quilter said...

You're right in that some child will like it. I try to keep that in mind when something I make doesn't seem quite right to me.