Monday, January 14, 2008

Quilt shops in the Chattanooga TN area

I want to give a thumbs up to two quilt stores that are within driving distance from my home. Both have a great fabric selection and all the tools and supplies you could desire. I'm not affiliated with either one or even take their classes, but they are a great resource that any quilters near Chattanooga should know about.

Lavender Lime Quilt Shop, at is the biggest little shop you have ever seen. It is tucked away in a strip mall and from the outside just wouldn't seem to have room for all the great stuff they stock. If you're near East Ridge, TN stop by.

Sew Bee It, A Quilter's Garden, at is located near Rossville, GA. It has recently changed hands, and while I haven't visited the store since the new owner took control, I used to go quite regularly and loved it. Their website has a virtual tour and the store doesn't appear to have drastically changed. They have a great selection, a varied class schedule and good classroom facilities. I think they're worth a look, too.

Me, I'm going to fight off the impulse to browse the stores for a while. If I just didn't have all those great online stores bookmarked..................


Elaine Adair said...

You left a 'no-reply' comment/question on my blog, and YES, I am a former Tennessean! Knoxville for 31 years and worked in nuclear industry in Oak Ridge for years.

I'm adding you to my blog lines as I see you are in Chattanooga - yeah - like old times!

Anonymous said...
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