Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of my favorite quilts

While I'm posting pictures today, I thought I'd add this of one of my favorite quilts. On Martin Luther King Day in 1995 we had an ice storm. I awoke to find every tree and surface encrusted with ice. I live in the southeast, so that's pretty unusual. Since I couldn't stand up on my driveway, I sure wasn't going to try to drive to work! (When I called the office, I only found one person on the entire floor had made it. Later, they declared it a "freebie" day and I didn't even have to use vacation.)

With a totally free day, I decided to haul out the sewing machine and my new Thimbleberries book and start on a new project. In those days, I was better, and didn't have a dozen things started at once. I raided my stash (now, THIS is why you have a fabric stash!) and started sewing. I completed the piecing in a day. I was helped by the fact that we had Sunday dinner leftovers to reheat for supper.

It was quilted by the local longarm quilting establishment in a small clamshell pattern. It has hung in my den for years. (And , yes, that's paneling on the wall! It's a 60's house.)


Linda C said...

This isn't all thimbleberries fabric, is it? I like her patterns but oh those dark and to me, muddy colors. Not my palette I guess. Your quilt is very pretty and what fun that you could just pull fabric and whip it up when you were ready!

The Calico Quilter said...

Not all Thimbleberries, but a few pieces. I found similar colors and patterns in the closet. The border was a piece that I had bought on a whim - glad there was a place for it to go.

As far as colors I went through a Thimbleberries phase, then a Robyn Pandolph fabrics phase, and now I just do very scrappy designs. A lot of the fabric that I gave away was leftovers that had appeared in too many quilts!