Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The quilt top I started piecing on January 1 is finished. It is a rather uncomplicated traditional pattern, but with all the colors and prints in the scrappy fabric selection, it has a lot of movement and is quite pretty. It would be ready to take to the longarm quilter's shop tomorrow BUT there is a problem with the backing.

I am using Eleanor Burns' Through the Seasons Spring striped fabric on the backing. I had bought all that the shop had, and thought that I would have enough to sew together the backing (it involves matching a wallpaper stripe print). However, when I decided that this quilt was for my brother-in-law, I enlarged the quilt top. Now, I don't have enough for the backing. However, luck was with me. Heart of Dixie fabric shop in Alabama had more (on sale, no less!). Now I just have to wait for the order to be delivered. They're usually speedy. Hopefully, the quilt will be at the quilters by next Wednesday.

But there's no rest for the wicked. I just hauled out the fabric for my brother's quilt and started sewing!


Joan said...

Pictures! We want to see pictures!

Geesh - you completed an entire quilt since January 1?? LOL! Can you ship some of that creative energy my way, PLEEEESE??? :)


The Quilter said...

I think it's more like OCD for quilters! LOL Seriously, I just get caught up in the sewing and hate to stop until it's done. One thing that really helps is my Juki sewing machine. My husband got it for me about 8 anniversaries ago, and it's a godsend. It's like the Ferrari of sewing machines.

I have posted a full size picture, and also one of the second quilt I finished last night. These aren't art pieces, just nice colorful bed quilts, and they're fairly fast to piece.

Linda_J said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Just coming by to see what you are doing! What a gorgeous kitty and gorgeous quilt.

Being in Alabama, I am familiar with Heart of Dixie shop though I have never physically been there. (I love the Miss Rosie patterns--among other things, LOL)