Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday conundrums

Why does it take four days to put the Christmas decorations away when it only took two to put them in place!

And, my storage closet must be akin to a Tardis because when I haul out all the containers to store the decorations, the pile of boxes looks bigger than the inside of the closet, and I know they fit in there!

This is where that Christmas village starts looking less and less attractive. The longer it takes to wrap and pack up houses and accessories for storage, the more I question why I'm doing it. Good thing there's eleven months to forget the misery before I haul it out again.

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Joan said...

You have my sympathies in several areas -- particularly the illness on the holidays and having to put your snow village away! We've gotten hit hard by bronchitis (I came down with mine right after present-opening Christmas morning!) and it's no fun. I don't have a Christmas Village (it's gorgeous) but over 1000 Christmas candles which I do pose in little vignettes as well. Setting it up is so exciting. Putting it away is such work! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy holidays to you and yours!